3 de August de 2020

Romero Polo studies the removal of petroleum-based materials from the roads of Catalonia

Romero Polo is leading a research project to replace asphalt binders of petroleum origin from the roads with ecological materials, as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and circular economy. Romero Polo participates in this initiative, financed by the Spanish public entity Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnol√≥gico Industrial (CDTI), along with three leading Catalan universities.

The project will last two years and will outline the practices for the total or partial replacement of asphalt materials of petroleum origin which are currently used in Catalonia with other ecological materials obtained from livestock waste of pig origin, traditionally known as “slurry”. Moreover, this alternative aims to offer an outlet for animal waste, which currently poses a serious problem for the territory.

Romero Polo is developing this project with the desire to establish the basis for a paradigm shift in the road construction sector towards a model based on the consumption of products obtained from recycled matters, co-products or waste materials. Likewise, the use of ecological materials will allow traditional agricultural and livestock environments in Catalonia to carry out an industrial and economic leap.