14 de May de 2021


The Aragon Health Department has awarded Papsa and four other companies the building of Zaragoza’s Barrio Jesús health center, which will begin in the coming days and will end in 2022.
The contract has been awarded for a total of 4.9 million for the five chapters in which the building will be divided. The main activity is for Chapter I, which corresponds to the civil construction, directed by Papsa, with a budget of more than 3 million euros.

The company will be responsible for the foundation and lifting of the building structure. Papsa will also be in charge of undertaking the outdoor and indoor enclosures with the masonry work and outdoor urbanization. In addition, the company will coordinate all the actions of the other chapters in which four other companies are involved.

About the technical characteristics, the building of the health center will have 3,161 square meters distributed over three floors, two of them on the ground and one under the ground. The main entrance will be located between the two main bodies of the facility, where it will find the lobby, the admissions area next to a counter and the administration area. The family medicine sections will be located on the first floor and the rest of the care areas will be located on the ground floor: paediatric modules, diagnostic module, women’s care module and rehabilitation module.

Also, from the environmental point of view, the structure will have about thirty photovoltaic panels and an aerothermal system to produce the hot water needed and reduce energy consumption. The new health center will be able to serve about 25,000 people, according to the population forecast for the next 15 years.