24 de November de 2020


The Minister of Territory, Mobility and Housing of Aragon, José Luis Soro, has     opened the nine kilometre stretch of the A-1236 road, conditioned by Romero Polo. The works link the town of Fonz with the main highway (A-22) in Monzón, in the region of Huesca.

The actions have been executed between kilometres 5.6 and 14.6 and have been carried out with a budget of 6.2 million Euros. The road section, which had an initial platform width of 5.5 meters without verges, now has eight meters of roadway. In addition, Romero Polo has executed two intersections, 16 transverse drainage works and has improved the access lanes to the road.

The improvement works, initiated in December 2018, have facilitated the main connection in the section of the highway between the regions of Huesca and Lleida, thus improving journeys, shortening transport time and – above all matters- increasing road safety. José Luis Soro pointed out that the works carried out by Romero Polo are “the most important actions in recent years in the area of Alto Aragón” and contribute directly to the “socioeconomic improvement of the region”.